While I was sitting at the Jacksonville Beach Art Walk, I was watching customers as they moved along looking at the vendors goods.  It was interesting to observe their reactions.  In this day and time we are all encouraged to pursue our talent.  And so we hear many saying I am an artist.  Therefore, the question now arises.. what is the difference between being an artist and a "fine" artist?

     Well, there are artists who do illustration for books, artists who do crafts, artists who do pen and ink or graphite, graffiti art, and so on.  Don't misunderstand, this is all art and all are credible as art.  But what sets "fine" art apart?  When we think "fine" art we think of museums and galleries.  Work beyond what the average person creates.  It usually takes years of practice and study to achieve this level of ability.  Some get there through school and others are self taught. Of course there is the rare "prodigy" who can pick up a brush and seem to paint beautiful works with little effort.  But we are being realistic here... 99% of us don't have that ability, right?

     The term "FINE" when associated with art means that it is advanced or created for its beauty and meaningfulness.  Fine art indicates skill and accomplishment.  Let's face it.  Much of the art we see nowadays can be attractive and imaginative but not necessarily skilled.  A few months ago at the art walk, the young man next to me had mostly spray-painted art.   Some of his work was good and some not so good, but he definitely had talent.  If this young man applies himself, he will produce some great art.  Now, spray-paint is a viable form of art. After all, "WYLAND" does a lot of spray art! Perhaps you've had the opportunity to see some of it on buildings, etc. around the country.  I know of two locations here in Florida, Tampa and the Keys. He produced at least 50 that I know of.

     Hopefully this has helped you to distinguish the difference between art and 'fine" art.  Again, anyone can do fine art.  It just takes time, study, practice and of course, patience!

     I have finally finished the commissioned painting.  It took time and a couple massages for tight muscles, but I am pleased with the results.  There is a lot of detail in this painting and hopefully it will bring pleasure to the recipients.  They have a family member who is chronically ill and it is designed to give them hope.  I have a couple photos below.  Enjoy them and once again,  thanks for looking!

       Now this might look finished, but I thought it needed more.  So I added more details and people.

18 x 24

This is more like it!  More people, animals and birds, plus I added rocks at the base of the falls to look more natural. I also added purple to the shadows to make everything pop and look 3-D.  I especially like the Great Ibis in front and the lady artist!  Can you put yourself in the picture?

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