If we want to be successful in any business, we need to market ourselves.  As artists, we are always looking for opportunities to make new contacts just as a salesman does. The purpose is to get our work seen and purchased.

     Last week my husband and I went to the hospital to visit some friends and of course I noticed all the artwork on the walls.  I have enjoyed the art each time we go there, but this time I decided to do more than just look!  When we got home, I looked online for the head of administration for each of our six + hospitals in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine area.  I then proceeded to write each one of those CEO's and introduce myself as a local artist, giving them some very brief information about myself and my work, and explained how I had appreciated the artwork they displayed and that I would like to be added to their list of artists who had works in their hallways and offices.  I also included a business card and, of course, my website for them to review.  

     It paid off.  I received a phone call today from one of the big hospitals.  The CEO had given my information to the lady in charge of working with the artists.  She introduced herself and thanked me for submitting my information and website, and then told me she was adding me to her contact list of artists.  She also said she was going to go through my artwork and looked forward to speaking with me in the near future.  Wouldn't that be nice!

     Two of the people I subscribe to for marketing advice, by the way, talk a lot about getting your info into the hands of as many as possible.  I have their websites below for you to subscribe to as well if you are interested.  The sites are free, but of course, they do offer classes, etc, which are not necessary,  and cost different amounts.  I read their blogs where they offer tidbits and suggestions on marketing yourself.  Those sites are: XANADU GALLERY, Scottsdale, Az, Jason Horejs, owner. website:  www.reddotblog.com;  And ALYSON STANFIELD, Golden, CO. website: www. artbizblog.com.

     I know you will enjoy the websites.  Hopefully the blogs will help you in some way as they have helped me.  I purchased the book by Jason Horejs. (pronounced Horsch) "Starving to Successful" some time ago.  It is a very good book and easy to use.  I would recommend it if you are serious about advancing your art career.  I haven't tried Alyson Stanfield's e-book, but I imagine it is also useful.  They are both professionals in the art gallery business with many years of experience behind them and the books are very reasonably priced.
     BTW.  I have a photo below of the three prints I added to the Art Bin at The Beaches Art Studio.  I am sitting there today.  We have had a few very nice visitors come through, all from out of town.  One gentleman sat down and we talked for a while.  My husband is here with me and he and the gentleman (didn't get his name, a mistake on my part) are both retired businessmen with a background in mathematics.  Needless to say, they had a good conversation!  He was very interesting and a good conversationalist.  But, alas, his wife finally found him and took him away.  I think she had been looking for him for some time.  She looked hot and tired, but was also nice.

     Well,  I must sign off for now, but please enjoy the photo.  I will try to explain how to navigate the Zazzle.com website next blog.  It was rather confusing to my husband and I at first, but we finally figured out how to get what I wanted.  Maybe we can save you some frustration.  (more added on below this)

You can see that I have three different color mats around these prints.  They all look good with the colors in the print, but it gives the viewer the opportunity to focus on the colors they prefer.  Also, I deliberately allowed the plastic to crinkle so you could see they are in sleeves.  In each sleeve is the print, taped to the back of the mat, then a backer board which gives it strength, and one of my flyers and a business card are behind the backer board.  The purchaser can read my story and know who I am.  They like having that with the art.  And of course, the business card directs them to my website so hopefully they will come back for more or even refer others to me!  I don't know how well you can see, but I also signed my name.  That is because it was rather fuzzy in the print.  Not good.  Usually you sign your name on a white area at the bottom of the print.  There was no white area here.  I will have to get with one of my artist friends who does this a lot and question her about that.  I'll let you know what I find out.  But notice that the sleeve is a good snug fit around the print pkg.  This is very professional looking.  I have seen prints that look like the artist used Saran Wrap,  NOT GOOD!

     I just realized that I have not shown you my flyer.  It contains my "Statement" and my "Resume" on one paper.  I post it on the wall with my paintings.  I have revised it many times, and probably will continue to do so for some time, until I get it to where I am truly satisfied with it.  But guess what, by then I'll have more schooling etc, to add so it will be redone again! LOL!  Bottom line,  they are never truly done.  See you in a few days!!



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