Friday morning, I went to pick up my money for the painting that sold and to hang another painting. There was no one able to open the safe, so I came back around noon.  When I went in this time, the manager was there and she said, "Here for your money I presume" and we laughed as she handed it to me.  There was an elderly gentleman sitting at the counter watching us and he joined in the laughter.  I went out to my car and got a flyer for my art class I had forgotten to hang.  On my way back in, that elderly gentleman was heading out.  He came over to me and said, "I didn't know you were Dara.. I bought one of your paintings!  I purchased the rowboats...I just love your work!"  I kindly thanked him and we spoke for a few minutes.  He was a very nice man and I was happy to have met him.

     We just never know whom we will meet on any given day, but we all wonder who it is that purchases our work and why they like it.  It is always really nice to be able to meet and speak with someone who appreciates our hard work and our vision.  Perhaps we will meet again and who knows, maybe he will be a repeat customer!  I have a photo of the painting he purchased below.

     On another note,  I signed up for a two-day workshop being held in June with a well-known St. Augustine artist.  Yes, even professionals have ongoing education!  It keeps us moving forward and we can all use new ideas!  I really like his work. He is an impressionist, but he does what he calls "high voltage" paintings, which means he uses bright colors and unusual combinations of colors.  His paintings pop and I like that.  In the workshop we will learn how to get the same effect with underpainting and his color choices.  I am really looking forward to this class and I will pass on as much as I can, OK?

     As humans we all want to keep learning, and as an artist it is especially important. If we don't our work can become stale.  Whether we learn by reading, taking classes, or just practicing,  it keeps us fresh and we see improvement in our work.  Try keeping a piece you've done (in the closet out of sight) and then go back and look at it a few months or even a year later.  You might be shocked at the difference in your ability, and that of course will be a good shock. You will be proud and will see the reason to be proud of your progress! Also, join an art association if possible, the cost is usually very reasonable, and most offer painting classes at a low cost.  Even open painting days are offered where members can go and just paint in a group setting.  Others there can offer or ask for advice or suggestions on the work in progress.  This gives us all the opportunity to learn from one another which is invaluable.  Just remember, there will always be someone there better than we are, and that is a good thing.  It keeps us working harder to improve ourselves, and we can learn a lot just by watching them work! And, as a bonus, you can build contacts for later use in the art world.  They may give you a step up in your quest to become known.  Of course, there are usually some there that are not as accomplished as you.  Your willingness to help them with their work can also be a good thing.  We don't know who they are, they could be an incognito millionaire!  I'm not kidding, here.

     In my younger working years, I was a sales person, a customer representative, and worked with people in the medical field.  It NEVER ceased to amaze me how often the "slouchiest" dressed people were by far the richest ones!  They dressed that way deliberately because they didn't want to be hounded!  So..never underestimate people.  Of course, we always want to be kind and helpful to everyone as far as possible, because it is the right thing to do. We will be rewarded in the end one way or another!

     Well, that's enough on that subject.  The rowboats are below.  Enjoy and See you later!

8 x 10
"Scenes of St. Augustine" collection

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