I took my paintings "SAN SEBASTIAN RIVER" and "SEASHELLS"  down to the Art Association for the show...only to see a posting that it has been delayed until December!  Oh well,  hurricane Matthew messed up their schedule. Better that than the building!  It's funny, the Art Studio at the beach didn't have any problems.  And they are right ON the beach!  Go figure.  I took 3 paintings over there for the months of Nov. and Dec.  "LANI  LOVES.." , "TROPICAL DREAMS"  and 'SUNRISE ON ST AUGUSTINE'  are all in residence for now.  They told me people who visit there like to see seascapes and St. Augustine art.  OK, I can do that.. No Problem! The members there are more laid back than the St. Augustine Art Association. But, by no means less professional!  They SELL more art, and that's important to us artists!  They get more traffic because they are right by the beach.  The St. Augustine Art Association IS in the historic district of town, but many people, especially tourists, aren't aware of it's location. And, the prices are higher due to the fact that they charge a 40% commission to the artists as opposed to the beach Art Studio, which charges only 20%.  This may not mean a lot to you, but when you go looking for a place to show your art, it becomes VERY important!  On the other hand,  The St. Augustine Art Association has more prestige at this time meaning more and higher awards in shows.  So I belong to both!  I am also considering joining the Palm Coast Art Association.  That is a town about 30 min. south of St. Augustine.  More exposure means more sales, always remember.

     I have also started another painting.  I will show a preliminary picture below.  Some of you may recognize it, some not.  It is a painting that we have seen very recently in a publication.  I am not copying it exactly, as that would be a copyright infringement, but I really want to see if I can do it!!  I have applied to do remote consultation to a religious organization to do art for them.  If I can do this painting, I think it would help me a lot!  It has a glow that I love, although hard to accomplish with acrylics.  For that reason,  I am strongly considering going back to oils even though they are toxic.  I have to be sure to wear gloves so as not to absorb the chemicals!  ALL who paint in oils should do so.  Oil paints cause cancer if absorbed through the skin, we can use odorless turpentine,  good, but if we don't wear protective gloves we are still being exposed.  Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma is a cancer that is deadly.  It is what is caused by oil paints.  So PLEASE, wear gloves if you paint in oils!!!

      In the future I plan on updating my blog each Wednesday evening. That way it is consistently timed.  Thanks for your patience. But I digress.. Below is the painting.  Enjoy!




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