Well, I finished the painting called "Vilano Sunrise" and changed the name.  I now call it "FIERY REFLECTION" .  It is part of the Scenes of St. Augustine series..  # 15 to be exact.  # 14 is also below.  It is called "BACK BAY"

     In talking to other artists here in the area, we have all come to the conclusion that, at least in our area of tourism, smaller paintings sell better! So small it is, at least for now.  It makes sense though.  People want something that will fit in the suitcase to take home.  And what better souvenir than art! Especially a painting of the location you visited.

     It has also been suggested that I add another page to my gallery.  This one is of the current paintings on display and where they can be seen.  So I will do that today.  It will be called :                "CURRENT DISPLAYS AND LOCATIONS"

     Below are some of the paintings I've done recently.  Enjoy!

Scenes of St. Augustine # 15
12 x 12  gallery wrap

Scenes of St. Augustine #14
8 x 10

5 x 7 and 4 x 4
     Below is the preview of the painting of the ducks.

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