I also wanted to show more paintings, but I didn't want them on the same post.

     I took three paintings over to the St. Augustine Beach Art Studio for the Nov./Dec. art show.  My husband and I went over yesterday to view all the works being shown.  Mine compared nicely to the others there.  Some of the other artist's paintings were priced quite high at $4000.00,  and others were reasonably priced.  And of course some was quite good, others not as good.  That's how it is with art associations.  As long as you are a member, your art can be shown.  Some shows however, are juried, meaning they are prejudged as to whose work will be accepted.  Those shows are always a higher quality show.  Thus if you are accepted, it is an accomplishment in itself!    Anyway I took a photo of the three paintings hanging and it is below.  Enjoy!

     Also, I want to mention something about having a stock of artwork available to show.  All the research I have done says that an artist should have at any given time approximately 25 pieces of artwork available.  If someone says they will display your work, often they want your best pieces and they may want to choose which ones they want.  That is ABSOLUTELY true of galleries!  But even stores, restaurants, offices, etc. may want to decide which ones they want so it is good to have work available at any given time. That is easier said than done!  I have now built up a stock of 18.  That represents a few months work, believe me, because for one thing, not all work turns out the way we want, right?  It just doesn't look as good as we envisioned, and that is a sad fact of life.  But we chuck it up to experience and move on. We sell it cheap or paint over it!  The time spent painting is NEVER wasted however,  In order to get good, all are told to paint at least one hour daily.  I  don't do that, but I DO paint often and for more than an hour at a time if I can.  Sometimes its just a few minutes early in the morning or late evening, and sometimes it is all day.  But paint as often and as long as you can if you want to improve!!!  I have seen a BIG difference in my work since setting up a permanent studio where I can go paint often.

     I am currently working on two small paintings for another show.  This time it is for a local art store THE RED SABLE.  They are calling it the "SMALL WORKS" show.  Art must be no larger than 12 x 12 framed and they have a limit of two.  The paintings are juried in so I am doing two.  Hopefully both will be accepted.  But it is up to them, not me.  The second one a sunrise is not quite finished,  but I took the photo anyway.  BTW,  these are gallery wrap canvas' so I painted the sides to continue the scene as is the usual procedure.  I took a pic of the side to show how that works.   Enjoy, and thanks for looking!

     I have also been commissioned to paint an 8 x 10 of a girl and her horse.  I must get busy so I'll close for now.  I hope to be done by next week to post it for you!  See you later!

12 X 12

12 x 12


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