I finished the painting!  And it's not bad if I do say so myself!  I showed a picture of it to my art teacher and she said OMG, that looks like it belongs in a museum of 13th century art!  WOW!  What a compliment!  I did work hard on it and my nephew-in-law did a side-by-side picture for me so I could compare (that really helped) and after a few tweaks, I counted it finished.  Hope you like it.  Let me say here that I painted this from another painting to challenge myself.  It is a very detailed and complicated painting,  but I have applied to do remote art work and wanted them to see what I could do along the line of work they need.  I will never sell this painting.  That would be copyright infringement.  I may donate it to our religious organization, or if they don't want it I may give it to some close friends.  That being said,  here it is below.  Enjoy!

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