Well, I thought I was done with my large painting of the San Sebastian River.  I took it to class today and had it critiqued.

     The good news was everyone loved it!  Mary Hubley, the teacher said it was good and I could leave it alone and count it done if I wished.  OR.. I could tweak it a little and make it even better! Of course I want it better!  They all agreed that my two flying birds needed to be done away with.  I could leave them out altogether or change them to more accurately depict the Ibis bird.  I eliminated the flyer on the right and replaced it with a third nesting bird and added two babies in the middle nest.
On the left I eliminated the flyer and put another flyer in front of the trees that was coming in for a landing by the wading bird.  It looks much better.  They also suggested (but not necessary) that I add wispy clouds all the way to the top of the canvas.  That also meant of course that I had to add them in the water reflection at the bottom of the canvas.  It's  just that apparently the blue sky drew the eye up to the top and we want the eye to stay on the trees and birds!

     I came home and got busy! Oh, and something else. one of the ladies looked at the painting and smiled.. she then said I needed to call the painting 'The Lion Tree'. Puzzled we all looked at the painting and laughed! Yes, I WILL call it affectionally 'THE LION TREE' Let me know if you can figure out why, OK?
      I have a photo below, but I still plan on bringing up the light more. Until then Enjoy!!

24 x 30

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