I got a phone call from the St. Johns County Education System the other day.  They asked me if I would be willing to be the judges for an Art Show for middle school students.  It is being held at the St. Augustine Art Association here in St. Augustine.

     Since I teach art to both youths and adults, I decided this would be so much fun! I really enjoy children and their creativity levels can be through the roof, so to speak.  It was very interesting to see what each one came up with.  There were quite a few categories of art to be judged, ranging from drawing, painting, and photography or graphic arts, to 3-D art, or sculpture and paper mache.

     Held on Thursday, April 5th, it took a while to go through all the 128 pieces of art and narrow it down to the winners, but in the end we (me and the 2 ladies at the art association helping me) made a decision.  The winners are...I took some photos and posted them below for you to see.  As I said, these kids are talented!  I have the first place photos for each category and the "best of show"

                           In the drawing category:  This also is the "Best in Show" winner

                                                          Her face close up is below

                                           In the painting/ mixed media category:

                                                                 In the 3-D category:

                                              In the digital or Graphic Arts category:

The group of winners and their teachers!

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