Some artists paint individual paintings as they are moved by a subject or feeling.  Others work in a series of paintings.  Is one better than the other?  Should we as artists work in "a series"?  Good questions indeed!

     Let me start by saying, Yes!  That is exactly what a gallery likes to see!  It usually means more followers, collectors, and sales for the artist and the gallery that represents him or her.  It represents consistency to the gallery, and we all know consistency is a good thing for an artist.  It is the foundation of our work.  We want to tie our work together, or make it cohesive through our style, colors, theme, palette, medium or subject matter.

      Most galleries will choose to represent an artist based on their consistency.  Strength in composition, style, and quality of work is the most important factor in getting representation.  But, working in "a series" can also be a major factor in that decision, because it builds a following among your collectors who often must have more than one!

     What constitutes a series?  Paintings that are very similar in style or content.  If you look at my "Available Paintings" page you will see three series. One of trees, one of landscapes called "Scenes of St Augustine" and the third is my "Ocean Meditations" series.  Each is consistent within the series. My "Looking Up" series of trees is rather limited in that there are only so many varieties of palm trees to be painted.  However, the other two series are almost unlimited in how many can be done.
Below I have photos of a couple in each series.  Hopefully this has helped you decide what direction to take in your painting venture.

"Scenes of St Augustine" and "Scenes of Florida" series
notice how the colors are very similar

'Ocean Meditations' series

'Ocean Meditations' series
Notice that these two are similar in colors as well, plus both are ocean themed

'Looking Up' series

'Looking Up' series

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