When I was unloading art for the Art Show, one of my pieces had a spot of "white" on it.  I  assumed that somehow moisture had gotten under the varnish, turning it white.  How does one repair that kind of damage?

     This particular painting has a heavy coat of varnish on it which could actually be the reason for the problem.  You see when I originally coated it, I noticed that the varnish was uneven.  Heavier in the corners than in the middle.  So I tried to go over it with another coat heavier in the middle to even it out.  It looked ok at first, but when I took it out of the packing material one corner was white as though something had spilled on it.  Needless to say, I couldn't hang it at the show.  Now what?

     I will sand it down lightly with a very fine grit sandpaper 220 or higher.  Then I will recoat the varnish LIGHTLY!  A lesson to be learned here is DO NOT use too much varnish on your paintings!
You can ruin a really good painting really fast!  Note, I used spray varnish, so it took a lot to get such a heavy coat on this painting. l had sanded it lightly where the varnish was so thick before I sprayed more in the middle, but apparently not enough, as that is the area where it turned white.

     I have before and after photos below for you to see.  Varnish is not meant to be applied so heavily, so don't make the same mistake that I did and cause yourself a lot of frustration, and extra work, ok?

     Oh, and I have photos of my latest sales.  Thank you for looking!

I saw the white spots and scratched them with my fingernail, which only made them worse of course!

Completed repair:  I sanded it LIGHTLY with 220 grit black sanding paper used for cars
then went over it with a soft cloth and a light coat of spray varnish


'Ocean Meditations' series
8 x 30
Fluid acrylic/ mixed media

11 x 14
Acrylic on canvas panel
antique frame

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