We as artists all need education.  Now, we can teach ourselves or we can be taught by others. But when it comes to motivation, it MUST come from us!  No one can teach us motivation.  I had never really thought much about this until I read a recent report.  And after I thought about it, I realized that this was absolutely correct.  Motivation cannot be taught.  It comes from within us.

     We can be encouraged, given reasons to be motivated, but the actual motivation to get out and actually DO something has to come from us.  We must want to create, want to sell, want to promote our art. We cannot be forced.

     If we aren't motivated, then it doesn't matter how many years we study, or how many books we read, or how many classes we take.  We are wasting our time and money.  So the question becomes, how do I get motivated?

     Motivation is what causes us to put forth the effort to move, create, sell our art.  We need to sit down and ask ourselves some serious questions, even write down the answers if it helps us to bring things into focus. We start by asking ourselves WHY.

WHY do I create art?

WHY am I not satisfied with creating just for myself?

WHY do I want more people to see my art?

WHY am I trying to sell my art?

WHY am I trying to make a career of selling my art?

     These are serious questions that we need to answer if we truly want to make a business of selling our art.  It can be done; many have created a successful art career, so we are not seeking the impossible.  But, we MUST be motivated to achieve a success. Just as with any career, it takes time, effort and consistency.

     On that note, I have decided that I will give the local Art Fairs and Markets a try.  I will start off small however as these can be quite expensive, some costing hundreds.  The first one I'm trying is held three times a year and each one lasts only one day, not two or three.  The vendor fee is also considerably less.  It is required that we have a 10 x 10 tent and display panels, but I was able to find a nice tent on one of the online sales/swap sites everyone uses, and I have googled the directions to make the display panels.  I have some time to get them done since the first show is in March. That also means that I have work to do in the painting arena.  I will need to have enough art to fill those walls, right?  If it works out and I make enough sales, then I may move on up to the bigger shows, we'll see.  One nice thing is that I already have a trailer to store/carry all the tent supplies in. When I get everything done and we have the show, I will post pictures and tell you all about how it went, ok?

     Be sure to check for these opportunities in your area.  I'm sure there will be some unless you live in a really small town.  They seem to be quite popular.  The lady I purchased the tent from said when you go to a show, you learn about all the shows in the region.  And there are lots of them apparently.

     Well, I must get busy, so think about what motivates your art career and put it into practice! Below I have a photo of my largest 'Ocean Meditations' painting so far.  I am also working on another style of 'stack' paintings.  Enjoy and thanks for following my blog!

'Ocean Meditations' series
10 x 20
Fluid acrylics on gallery wrap canvas



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