It has been crazy getting ready for this art show!  One would think that it's not that big a deal.  We just put up a tent and hang art, right?  That's kind of what I thought but I was wrong!  I have been working for two to three months at least getting paintings done, finding and buying all the necessary supplies without breaking the bank, and then getting everything prepared and assembled for the show.

     I had to go to all the locations where I show my art and remove the paintings I wanted for the show, while replacing them with others. Then I had to paint more paintings!  In the meantime, I located and purchased display panels and all necessary accessories, not to mention the tent and carpet.  I ordered a banner, and painted a sign for the tent and made flags to draw attention to my art tent over the 100's of other white tents that were there.  I painted an old plant tower to match my theme colors of blue and yellow.  Everything was coordinated to set off the art, including my shirt! My husband and son were my helpers and they also wore blue shirts.

     The sponsors of the show had nice postcards made up and gave us plenty to give out.  Plus, I ordered postcards, rack cards, and extra business cards for the show.  This is very upscale, so even tables must be covered to the ground.  I took some nice blue satin fabric and made the flags.  Then I used the rest to make a nice cloth to go over my long black tablecloth.  On top were all the cards and my artist statement for customers to see.  The rack cards (3 x 8)  had one of my paintings on top and info below.

     Even better, I had three of my art students come in to say hello, I had four people ask about joining my class, plus two interested in commissioning artwork for their homes.  That alone was worth the effort of being in the show!

     I had an easel that I used to hold a large painting to catch the eye of customers, and the plant tower (blue of course) held more paintings.  These were set just in front of the tent. All the tents were set up in quad formation so each one had two open sides and each had storage space behind for extra paintings.  One wall could be used to hold paintings inside and outside, allowing for more display space.  These people are true professionals at what they do, for sure!

     I am SO glad that I started working way ahead of time and paced myself to get everything done on time.  If I hadn't I would have had a breakdown from the stress of all the work involved.  As it was, I just kept working on it some each day and everything fell into place, and I kept all my hair!  LOL!!

     Below are photos of the art show.  I hope that you are willing to try something like this sometime. It was a great experience and lots of fun!  Another one will be held in October in Jacksonville Beach, FL.  Looking forward to it!

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