This is a hot debate that will go on for a long time as the feelings are strong on the matter.  Many galleries have signs posted NO PHOTOS ALLOWED.  Others don't have a problem with it feeling that it actually gives them free advertising.  How do you feel about it?  Frankly,  in order for a photo to be good enough to be used professionally it would require lighting, etc to get it right.  So there is no danger in allowing photographs.  Some even hand out photos that include the name, artist's name ,and the price on the sheet.  Now that I think is a great idea!  If the person doesn't keep it, someone else may take it or it may just end up in the hands of someone who falls in love with your artwork and buys it!

     You never know when, where, or how your work will be seen.  Let me give you an example.  Last night, My husband and I were in the science lab at the high school setting up for the Acrylics Art class I teach for Community Education.  I always get there an hour early so as to be ready when the students arrive. As I was setting up, a gentleman walks in looking for the teacher and asked "who are you?"  I introduced myself.  He frowned and said "That sounds familiar.  Do you have a painting called 'Tropical Dreams'?" When I said yes, he smiled and said "I saw it on Facebook and I want to buy it for my wife! Can you bring it next week?"  Well,  of course I'll bring it!  It is one of the paintings I have on sale, and I have a photo below.

14 x 18
Acrylic on canvas panel

     On another note, the ST AUGUSTINE ART ASSOCIATION has a new exhibit each month.  This October was the FALL MEMBERS SHOW.  However, they decided to also have a second show run in conjunction called AFTERMATH - The Healing Power of Art. This is any art that was created after, and in response to, the hurricane Matthew that came through last year.  I will be entering both shows.  The paintings I entered are below.  The second one was painted 2 days after the hurricane Matthew came through last year, so it definitely qualifies for the show!  Thanks for looking and Enjoy!!

36 X 48"
Acrylic on canvas


12 X 24
Acrylic on canvas

for AFTERMATH - The Healing power of Art

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