Well, we have painted through another six weeks of class! This was a large class and the students were used to painting, which meant they were serious about learning!  I liked that, because I am serious about teaching!

      After seeing the work this group produced in the first class I knew they were able to do more advanced paintings, so I switched gears and we painting more complicated paintings than the previously.  The last two classes were spent on one painting and all of the students came away with a really nice painting capable of being framed and hung in their homes.  I am glad that I made that decision because they were all thrilled with their results and each and every one said they wanted to join my next class which will begin in mid January.

     Teaching is very different from just being an artist.  It requires patience and the ability to work with different personalities, and even more important it requires the teacher to be able to encourage and inspire the student to push themselves out of their comfort zone.  That is the only way we can make progress as artists, but unfortunately, many just are not willing to take that plunge. So I must gently push and prod, usually by much praise and pointing out small things they can do that will help their paintings look better.  When they see the difference, they get excited and are then willing to do more!

     I must be very careful, however, not to push too hard, just enough for them to want to try, otherwise they get discouraged, and we cannot have that!  Self confidence is absolutely necessary otherwise they give up.  One of the most important lessons they can learn is to step back six feet and take a look at the painting, and do it OFTEN.  Only then can they see what the painting really looks like.  It is so interesting to watch their faces and see the reaction when they do that.  All of a sudden they cab see that they are actually creating something worthwhile.  They get excited about that creation and when they step back up to put the brush to the canvas it is with more confidence and anticipation!  It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction as a teacher when I see that happening time and again.

     Well, I have three photos below.  First is the class working on their painting, second is the photo with their completed paintings, and the third is the painting close up.  Sadly, we were missing 3 or 4 people.  The holiday caused a few to miss the last class.  I coached them in the previous class how to finish out the painting on their own, but it would have been nice to have them in the photo.


24 x 30
Acrylic on gallery wrap


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