Well, I held the second day of art class and we had so much fun!  This time we got our brushes wet, so to speak!  We started a seascape painting and hope to finish it by the next class.  I was going to give the class the choice of sky:  day or sundown and show both ways to paint it, but I opted to do that later.  The color of the water, of course, depended on which sky they choose.

     We did a simplified version of my "HAMMOCK TIME" painting that I did in the workshop.  They learn trees, sky, water, sand, shadows and possibly clouds, all in one simple painting!  Nice.  After that is finished, we will either do a house or a flower garden, but I think the house needs to be first, because it is very important to learn perspective!  The sky will be more complicated as well.

     This time we remembered to take pictures of the class.  I don't have their faces because I don't want to get written permission from each one.  So their backs are the rule of the day.  No problem it is their paintings we want to see anyway, right?  I now have an additional student. That makes eight.  Four adults and four children.  An interesting mix to say the least.  The children range 8 - 14 in age, but their skill levels are pretty evenly matched.  Two could not make it this week, so we had a smaller class.  But we had a lot of fun and everyone did well!.  They learned the value of standing back at least six feet to really see the painting.  Most thought theirs was terrible, but when they stood back,  each one got a surprised look on their face and then they all smiled!

     My goal is for everyone to have fun while they learn and not to sweat the hard parts. It is a learning process with no tests!  And you can get dirty without getting in trouble.  What more can we ask?  LOL!  There are no right or wrong answers, just enjoy the journey and learn as you go.  This is not college level learning and your knuckles don't get rapped if you get it wrong.  I actually have everyone gather to watch as I show how something is done, then they go back to their desk and try it themselves.  I go around to each one and help them work through it, lavishing praise and making suggestions as we go.  That encourages the students to keep going and reach further. People are very proud of their accomplishments that way and they deserve the praise for their efforts!  Before they know it, they have a finished painting they can be proud of!

     Surprisingly we got through the first half of the painting!  We painted the sky, ocean and waves, and underpinned the beach. Next week, we will highlight the sand, add shadows, then the trees and possibly a hammock if we have time.  I have a photo of our progress so far, but next week you'll see the finished product!

     Enjoy and see you for the final reveal!

               We have the sky in and starting on the water.  Everyone is concentrating so hard!

      This is how far we got on the painting this week.  The students learned how to do the waves      lapping the shore, adding the shadows and also how to add the foam streamers in the water. I think each one has every reason to be very proud of themselves and their work!

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