I heard back from the selection committee, and one of my paintings was accepted into the 2017 "NATURE AND WILDLIFE SHOW"!   I was a little surprised and disappointed that it was not my horse painting, but I was thrilled that they picked my "MATANZAS RIVER INLET" painting!  Some of my friends said they weren't surprised, so I guess I am just attached to the horses.  That's the way it is with us artists at times.  The more time and effort we put into a painting, the more attached we become.  That's ok, I will take it over to the Art Association for another show!

     I put a lot of work into the chosen painting too.  I have thought about it and the composition of the accepted painting is stronger.  After all, remember how important I said that is?  One other thing, my mentor told me that a really nice frame is important as well.  I have a nice frame on this painting, but I think it could be better.  So I am going to take it over to a frame shop where I have a credit on my account.  I will see what they can come up with to improve on my current frame.  Maybe they can embellish it, or if not, replace it with a nicer one.  I was assured by more than one artist that if the judging narrows down to the choice of two  paintings, the one with the nicer frame would win every time!  I don't have to be told twice!

     The chosen paintings are to be shipped to the Art Association between July 3rd - July 14th.  The reason for such a long period is many are coming from other areas.  Last year the winner was Russian.  Those being hand delivered like mine are taken in on July 15th and 16th.  The judging will take place with the Art Association closed to the public, then on Saturday, July 22, 2017 there will be an Awards Party from 5-8 pm.  They will notify the winners to be there, but the winners won't know which place they won until the awards are given out.  Just like last year, the grand prize is $2000.00 and goes down to Honorable Mention which is $50.00. There are seven or eight prizes up for grabs. The actual show runs from July 22nd to August 27th, and all art must be for sale or it is disqualified.

     The competition is very stiff since people compete from all over the world.  So I am thrilled just to be accepted into the show!  If I win a prize, well, I won't complain, but I will be happy even if I don't win after seeing last years competition.  There were outstanding paintings there for sure!

     My entry this year is much better  than last year's painting, but I still don't expect to win.  I assume everyone else's will be better also.  You know,  It makes us work harder and reach further for a better painting and that is what it is all about. Trying for your personal best each time.

     I showed the painting under the "composition" post, but here it is again.  Thanks for looking and I hope the posts on different art skills are helping you learn and improving your art!

"Scenes of St. Augustine" series
18.5 x 25.5
Acrylic on canvas


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