Great news!  Two more paintings have sold this week!  Both from the Back 40 Urban Cafe.  They are both 8 x 10 in size, which just proves that the small paintings are the way to go.  At least if you live in a tourist area.  They pack into a suitcase easily for travel, and make nice affordable gifts!  The two that sold are both Florida scenes.  One of Long Key State Park and one of St. Augustine.  Nice!
The pictures are below.

"Scenes of St. Augustine" collection
8 x 10


Long Key State Park
8 x 10

Sorry, the picture above is not very clear.  I must have moved the camera slightly.  But, the painting is gone so I can't do another.  That's ok.  You can get the idea.  It's interesting,  this is the third painting I have done of this scene, each a little different.  They have all sold!  That should tell me something.  Maybe the  Florida Keys are a hot subject!?!?

     I also started a new painting.  Well, actually, I had started it before our trip.  Now I need to get busy and finish it as well as paint some more!  My inventory is looking sparse at the Back 40!  This painting is also 8 x 10.  It is of the Irish countryside with a thatched cottage.  i decided to call it
"FIFTY SHADES OF GREEN"  That is what Ireland is known for and often called.  And, having been there I can see why.  It is beautiful!  All the misty rain they get makes it so.  Anyway, the photo is below and of course I will show the finished painting, hopefully next week!  Thanks for looking!

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