Hello! It is Wednesday and I promised to post on Wednesdays, however for this and next Wednesday, I will not be able to post any new paintings. My husband and I are in the middle of a special project that takes two weeks!  I am taking MANY pictures that I can use for inspiration for future paintings and already have many ideas rattling around in my head, but painting is off the board for the duration of the project.  I can't wait to tell you about it, but it will have to remain a surprise for now.

     As for painting tips..please remember that for Acrylic painting, you can and should use THICK gesso instead of white paint.  The reason is that it is much more opaque meaning you cannot see through it.  The advantage is that it takes less to lighten your colors and they show up more. Especially is this true of the more transparent colors such as red, yellow and blues. The best gesso is Grumbacher. It is so thick that you can turn the open jar upside down and it won't come out!  If your local art store doesn't carry it, you can buy it through Dick Blick Art supplies (dickblick.com) It is not expensive, actually less than white paint, another advantage! It comes in 16 and 32 oz. jars. Just remember to spray the jar with water fairly often to keep the gesso from drying out or you can put a pile of it on your pallet just like the other paints and close the jar lid.  Once you try it, you'll love it, believe me! My art teacher had never heard of doing that, but now she does it too!

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