Ok, I have now finished the redo of the seascape.  I like it much better!  the wave had entirely too much white making it chalky.  So I took out  most of the white, reduced the size of the wave and added rocks for the wave to crash against.  I think it strengthened the composition (always important for eye flow) and just made the painting more interesting to look at.  You can see a big difference between the before and after photos.  Enjoy!

12 x 24

     Also, I painted a picture of the restaurant where I show my paintings.  I gave it as a 
gift to the owners Paul and Pam.  They loved it and hung it up right away! They had also 
decided to give me a larger display area, and I will be moving my paintings to the new space
 soon.  It is in the front room, so the paintings will be the first thing customers see when they
 come in!  So nice!   That is important to me for several reasons.  First,  "Back 40 Urban Cafe"
  is highly rated on "Trip Advisor", so they get LOTS of traffic from visitors to our city as
 well as locals.  Second,  my "Scenes of St. Augustine" series will now be front and center for
 all to enjoy and hopefully purchase!  BTW,  I use small canvas for these paintings so that they
 will fit into a suitcase for the convenience of travelers and it also keeps the cost down until I become 
more well known.  Always an advantage for sales, right?  I will post a photo of the
 new space when I get it all arranged, hopefully next week, as I have a couple of paintings 
that are awaiting custom frames that I want to add to the display.   Again, and always, 
 Thanks for looking!

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