I finished the 12 x 24 painting.  Before I show it to you, I want to tell you what happened.  We just had a hurricane!  NOT a fun experience!!  Matthew, the name of the storm was a category 4 storm, meaning it had sustained winds of 130-140 mph.  Very destructive to say the least.  It killed over 800 in Haiti, and it was barreling down on us!
     Our house is new and very well built (can take 150 mph winds) but who wants to!?!  Thankfully, it veered slightly east so the worst of the storm stayed out over the water and we got only 90 mph winds, which were bad enough.  It didn't do us much harm, but many others didn't fare so well.  The city flooded, and the barrier islands had a LOT of destruction!  Many of those homes are destroyed or severely damaged.  There is a saying,  don't build on sand..It is true!!  Davis Shores is an area on Anastasia Island here that is very low.  The water was up to the second story of those homes. Now I know I never want to live over on the island.  It's beautiful, but just not worth it.  Insurance is VERY expensive there and even cost prohibitive in some cases.  I don't know how they will fare.  I know one man who just sunk $8 million into  building a home over there and refused to pay $20,000 for insurance.  I sure hope his home survived!
     Enough of that.  I was feeling stressed after this experience (duh) and so I worked it off on a painting!  I changed the format that I showed you before somewhat..but I really like what I came up with.  Hope you do too!  Enjoy! and thanks for looking!!

12 x 24

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