I have another painting already!  This one was started in class and I finished up that evening at home.  The teacher pulled out a box full of small items, teapots, toys, shells, cups, jars, etc, etc.  Then she laid out individual fern fronds and suggested we pick out a few each. "But, keep it SIMPLE she cautioned".  She actually laid out two fern fronds on a piece of paper towel and laid them on the floor for herself. The view was then directly from above.  She painted the paper towel as a yellow cloth and the ferns in impressionism.  It was GREAT!

      I chose three small fern fronds and two different shells.  I laid them on the table next to my easel and went for it.  I first painted the entire easel in a "portrait" mottled background of mostly dark greens with some yellow, blue, reds and browns thrown in, (very subtle).  I then had the longest fern frond almost level as if it were the table edge and the other two fanned out from it.  Then where they joined, I placed the two shells.  It was much more fun than I thought it was going to be.  I normally don't like still life work.  But I have been told that one can learn a lot from doing them, so I went for it. It turned out quite well, if I do say so myself.  See it below.  Enjoy!

11 x 14

This was the set up on the table

ALSO,  I have started another painting.  This one is a seascape.  The idea came from a photo my son took.  I loved the sky but not necessarily the trees.  I  love seascapes (probably because I live close to the ocean here in Florida) so I changed it up.  I have a preview of it below.  In the next post I will show progressive shots of the painting for you to see, as well as the finished painting.  Enjoy and once again,  Thanks for looking!!

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