Well, tomorrow is the big day!  I will take three paintings down to the St. Augustine Art Association for the Nature and Wildlife show!  I am very excited about it and certainly hope to win something!  There are 7-8 prizes being awarded with a total of $5000 in prize money.  The three paintings I am entering are below.  Two of these you have seen and the third I painted this week.  It is a seascape of a boat coming to shore in a storm.
      The judging will take place on Monday, I think,  and I will let you know for sure if I win anything.  The competition is very stiff,  so I'm just not sure.  But one can always hope, right?
      Oh, and I sold another painting!  It is one I don't think I had on the gallery.  It was a fun little painting of roses growing up into the trees.  This is a rose bush that has been around for many years and has actually covered a tree in Elkton, FL.  It is an old heritage rose, sorry I forgot the name, but it is a single white rose.  It only blooms a couple weeks a year, but when it is in bloom, it is spectacular!!  I have posted the picture on the gallery.

"Racing For Home"
by Dara Dodson

"The Last Sanctuary"
by Dara Dodson

'Florida Panther"
by Dara Dodson

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