I showed you the start of my newest painting.  I have done some more work on it and have made a few changes.  I didn't like the way the water covered most of the canvas, especially since I am going to have some people in the foreground.  SO,  I moved the water back and enlarged the beach area and made the beach go further back into the background.  Then I worked on the clouds, water and added pink and yellow to the sky, water, and beach area.  This gives the painting cohesiveness, in other words, if you have pink in the sky, it needs to be elsewhere in the painting also, etc. I used turquoise deep and vivid lime green for the water, then added white.  I wanted the water to be fairly calm and a happy color.  I added a lot of white, tinged with yellow and blue to add water movement. I also added dark blue under the white on the beach along the waves to make them jump off the beach.  It adds dimension.  I love the people in the background, and I'll most likely add some more, we'll see though.  I also glazed the left beach where it meets the sky so to make it recede even more.  You glaze by taking white, greying it some, and thinning it down well.  Then with a very dry brush, scrub it onto the canvas in circles without stopping until you are happy with the results.  It dries quickly so don't stop until you are done, otherwise it will be blotchy!   In case you noticed the little light spot on the beach, don't worry, something is going to cover it up!

     Well, here is the next showing...  I have been very busy, not painting, LOL,  so it may be a few days or so before I can get back to it, but I WILL get back to it!!  Thanks for looking!

                                                                    "18 x 25"

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