I am  SO EXCITED!  We were told that only one painting for each person would be accepted into the Nature and Wildlife competition and some would not get in at all.  One of mine was accepted!!   It is the one of  "THE LAST SANCTUARY"  I didn't realize that this is a national competition!  That makes it all the more special to me!  My first national!  Do I sound excited?  Ok, I'll try to calm down...NOT!!!

     We had to deliver the paintings to the art association by June 11. ( Non-members sent in images of their paintings by June 6th.) They came in from all over the country. Then all the images/paintings were prejudged to see who got into the show.   We then picked up our paintings last Tuesday, June 14th, not knowing who got in and who didn't.  They had until today to let us know who got in.  All that time we were on pins and needles, or at least I was!  At 3:15 this afternoon, I got an email saying that mine had been chosen as an entrant!!

     Now, they all have to be delivered to the art association by July 17th, and then there will be an awards banquet held the evening of July 23rd.  Several prizes will be awarded.  Grand prize, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and so on. I think there are 7 or 8 in all.  The prize money is $5000. total.  Nothing to sneeze at by any means!  So now, we are in the waiting stage AGAIN!  But it will all be worth it if I win something!   Of course, I will keep you posted.  

     In the meantime,  I am working on a new painting.  This one is a seascape, but with figures (people) in it.  It will be special to me as I know the people!  But,  more on that later!

"The Last Sanctuary"
20 x 24

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