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     You have landed a location to show your art (other than a gallery that hangs their own) and you aren't sure what is the best way to hang it. Of course, you want to show as many paintings as possible in the allotted space but you need to keep in mind that the objective is to sell your artwork!

     The important factors to keep in mind are:

1.  DON'T OVERCROWD  - Try to keep at least 6 - 8"  between each piece of artwork, but definitely no closer than 4" even for groupings.

2.  APPROPRIATE HEIGHT - If possible, hang the artwork so that the center of the piece is 60" off the floor, right at the average "eye" height.

3.  VIEWING SPACE - If possible, give the viewer enough room to back up 5' to get a good look at the piece of art.

4.  LIGHTING - Hopefully where you are hanging or placing your work has good lighting.  If not try to display the art piece where it will receive the most light.  If not, hang the brightest piece in the lowest light.

5. KEEP IT LEVEL- Always make sure that your artwork is level!  If it isn't, people will push on it thinking they are correcting the problem, and possibly knock it off the wall!

     If you follow these factors as closely as possible then your artwork will shine, especially if there are other artists close by who do not follow these rules. It is surprising how haphazardly some people will hang their artwork.  Your work will show very well in comparison, and, needless to say, you will be the one who gets the sales!

     I would recommend you go to art galleries or art museums.  There you will see the spacing they use when hanging art.  It can be quite far apart!  It isn't necessary to hang your's that far apart but they do it for a reason.  It keeps the viewer from being distracted by art other than what they are looking at the moment.  So if you can find a happy balance between crowding and spacing too far apart, you will be in good shape.

     Below I have four photos of art gallery displays.  Each is different in hanging arrangement. Some are far apart, others close, but they are all neat and attractive.  That should always be our goal.  In short, the more professional our art looks, the better we look and the more sales we can get.


 As an example, the paintings below are mine.  The collectors sent me these photos of them hanging in their new homes.  All did a nice job of proper spacing in the display.  Enjoy!


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