I am now studying under a fellow artist.  She is a good friend who hadn't painted for a while due to a serious accident.  The accident left her with severe trauma that impeded her ability to have confidence in herself.  She needed her creativity to break out of it, but again, no confidence.

     The answer for her dilemma was in taking a months-long art course.  I watched her go from a timid person who constantly questioned herself and her abilities to a confident artist who's work jumped ahead by leaps and bounds!  She, like me was a traditional "representational" artist, but now her paintings sing!  I love the way they are representational, yet they tell a great story full of mystery and intrigue. Each painting has layer upon layer of paint, medium, and often other materials.  A collage, yet not.  It is hard to describe, but I can show you some of her photos to explain.

     She learned to play!  I know that sounds funny, but in doing so, she learned a lot about creating art with passion!  When she said she learned to play, I thought to myself, how do you "play" in your artwork?  It is serious business!  Well, after I started seeing what she was producing from this class, I was seriously impressed!  I asked her if I could monitor the class.  She told me she was going to start giving classes on what she had learned.  Great, sign me up!  The class she took was too expensive for me, her class I can afford!

     She named the course simply "ACRYLIC TECHNIQUES" but there is a lot to it. First and foremost though is to learn to play. I am really looking forward to this as I was beginning to feel in a rut with my art. If it does as much for me as it did for her I will feel on top of the world!

     If you live in the area of St Augustine, FL I would highly recommend joining her class!  Her name is Janal Koenig and her email is She is on Instagram at JanalsPhotoArt, Facebook at janalsArt, and her website is

     If you don't live in this area you can look up the website  The artist who teaches this course is Nicholas Wilton. He is very good, but also very expensive.

     I will post on our progress, but in the meantime, please enjoy some photos of her beautiful artwork!
24 x 24
I LOVE how this looks 3-D!

12 x 12

12 x 12

12 x 12

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