This year the show will be held on NOVEMBER 9th & 10th!  I have already begun getting my paintings ready because I hate putting things off til the last minute. It is just too stressful if I do that!  My "Ocean Meditations" paintings are traditionally my big sellers at this show so that is what I will concentrate on.  Last year I sold 21 paintings!  I sure hope this year is as good!  These are also the paintings that sell well at the galleries so I make sure I have plenty on hand.

     These are not large paintings, but they do come in two sizes.  The larger is 8 x 8 gallery wrapped canvas mounted in a float frame and the smaller ones are 5 x 7 canvas panels in regular frames.  I offer a choice of sleek white or distressed driftwood brown frames with all the paintings.  I love the fact that most people purchase them in multiples.  That works for me!

     For those of you who aren't familiar with my "Ocean Meditations" paintings, they begin as poured mixed media paintings, but I manipulate the paint and then do other things to achieve my scenes.  Each one represents movement and moods of the ocean.  I have pretty much taken over our large back screened porch as my "pouring studio".  It is just too messy to do in my art room inside and the chemicals and torches are safer in the open air.  Last week I had 31 paintings laid out drying!  When I mix up paint I try to do as many as I can at one time.  It saves a lot of time and frustration as long as I have the room to hold them all!  I was really worried this time, we had a big storm coming through from the Gulf and I needed to get them inside in case driving rain came in.  Thankfully they dried in time for me to move them to safety!  In the end the storm fizzled out and we just got normal rain.

     I have spent the last few days, framing and boxing up the paintings so that we can just pick them up and go when the time comes.  If they don't all sell it's not a problem, these are also sold at the galleries so my inventory will be in good shape for a while.  That is another advantage to these smaller paintings,  they don't take up a ton of space like larger ones do!

     If you live anywhere along the North Florida coast,  I'd love to see you at the show.  Stop by for a visit and maybe even take something home!  I have a photo of the show information  below as well as a couple photos of these paintings and my tent at last year's show.  Take care and see you next week!

              This photo was taken by management and included in the advertisement for the show

 This is one of the 8 x 8 paintings that I offer.  I love how the wave has so much personality!  These can be either predominately blue like this one or more turquoise and green depending on what colors I mix.  I like having a variety.  Of course, no two are alike but the colors do go together.

     This is a 5 x 7 painting in a sleek white frame, or they also come in a driftwood brown frame.

Be sure to look for my tent with the turquoise and gold "DARA DODSON ART" sign and stop in ok?  I will have my traditional seascapes, seascapes on glass,  and my new series of nostalgia paintings on display.  I will also have prints and cards available!

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