A REMINDER to check out my new AVAILABLE PAINTINGS page: It is now set up so that you can purchase the original painting OR you can opt to purchase a print in any of several sizes at very reasonable prices!

     So you have found a photographer to do the needed shots of your paintings to create prints.  Now what do you do?  Well, you can spend a lot of money having prints made OR you can upload the photos to your website, OR what I recommend is to join FINE ART AMERICA!

     FINE ART AMERICA (FAA for short) is free to join as an artist and you can upload 25 photos to sell.  However, for $30 per year you can get a premium membership which entitles you to much more!  With the premium membership, they will actually give you a website to show your work! Or if you'd rather they also have a widget to imbed their website into your existing website.  Either way works well.  For the moment I chose to embed theirs into my website due to the fact that I focus on blogging.  At some point in the future I may switch over to their full website and no longer blog.

     FAA is very easy to navigate and what is wonderful is that they handle all the paperwork, sales, shipping and handling for you!  You just go into their site and choose how much you want for your prints.  They add their costs to that and the price is set.  From that point you sit back and get checks as the prints sell.  They can put your print on clothing,  canvas, paper, cups, bags, etc.  They can even mount and frame your print for the customer and you get a percentage of all of that!

     FAA is a worldwide network with thousands of artists of all genre.  You owe it to yourself to check it out and see if it will work for you!  The only requirement is that your photos need to be topnotch in order to print properly.  I have found that prints come out slightly darker than the painting, so be sure not to have your photo too dark!  Oh, and your artwork is copyright protected as well!  FAA installs a watermark on any enlargement of the picture to keep it from being copied.

     The website is FineArtAmerica.com  Be sure to check it out and also go to my AVAILABLE PAINTINGS page and you will see how FAA is embedded into my site as well.  The only option I wish they had was to have BOTH the widget and the website!

     Also, if you wish to purchase prints for yourself, say to take to a show or for friends, then you get them at FAA's cost which is quite reasonable!  I like the fact that each print has a white border all around to make mounting easier and the paper is archival quality.  They come rolled in a heavy-duty shipping tube.  I save those rolls for shipping out prints to others.  If you order prints however, you need to have your own backer boards and sleeves to store and sell the prints.  Those are available on multiple sites online.  Just google backer boards and sleeves or go to amazon!  The supplies are not expensive. 

     One last thing, you can also sell your original art through FAA.  They have a selection to allow you to say the original artwork is also available and add the price.  When a customer clicks the button they are redirected to your email to speak directly with you concerning that purchase.

     So do yourself a favor. Check out this resource and see if it will work for you!

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