Every artist has asked themselves this at some point in time.  And, unfortunately there is no clear answer.  I recently listened to a report along this line and came away with this conclusion.

     Yes, we have all seen some artists whose work just seems to sell effortlessly. It is most likely because, the report said, they love the subject they have chosen and thus are pouring their heart into it.  This shows in their work and it strikes a chord with the collector who buys the art.  Simply said, the art tells a story and the buyer can relate to that story. They are even able to complete the story for the artist or add to the story for themselves.

     We all as artists often think about what would sell well and strive to accomplish that end.  But there is no clear formula.  The best take away is that we should all think about what we love doing the most and focus on that.  We put more effort into what we love and thus we do a better job.
The object that excites us the most is the one that receives the most effort from us.  Thus will become our best work.  Then when we do, others will take notice of our work.

     That said,  we do well to try different sizes as long as it fits the idea we are trying to create.  But then again, some do well using all the same size so each goes with the other in a series.  The bottom line here is that we should be careful of trying to do what is HOT on the market.  The market comes and goes rapidly and by the time we do it well the trend may have changed!  There was a suggestion that we look at an artist who is selling well and see if we can discern his interest or story in his or her painting.  Then see if we can utilize the same idea for our own story.  Create a sense of a narrative.

     It is also important that we become consistent in our work.  Then we want to have a sense of expression, a unique one if possible.  Find your vision and stick with it.  Then you can find the market that fits your vision.  Don't change your vision to fit the market!  Do what excites you!  As the old saying goes "To thine own self be true"!  It's where you will find the most success.

     On another note, I am working on gifts for a group of friends taking a week long school for ministers.  I decided to make small magnet paintings.  I needed 60 and I just finished them this evening.  They range in size from 2" - 3" for young and old.  I was exhausted and they are simple paintings, but I think they will be well liked.  The photo is below.  I am also working on a portrait for a friend who just had a baby.  It is of her two-year old son looking down at the new little brother.  It is not finished but I will post a photo as soon as it is done.  Thanks for looking and I hope this helps you a little in knowing what to pursue with your art.

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