So, you have a photo or drawing you want to transfer to your larger canvas.  How do you do it and keep your measurements true?  It is actually very simple and I will show you how below.

     If you have an average size photo.  It is good to enlarge it as much as you can while still keeping all the details and quality intact.  So, let's say you enlarge it to the size of regular copy paper.  That's good, but your canvas is 11 x 14 or 16 x 20.  Now what?

     FIRST you must make a grid on your enlarged photo.  You do that by folding the paper in half lengthwise, creasing firmly. Then fold each side into the middle, forming a total of three folds

     SECOND you fold the paper in half crosswise or horizontally, then fold each half back into the middle fold. You end up with three sharp creases or 16 boxes when you open it up and lay it flat.  Take a pencil and number each box.  ( See photo )

     NEXT.. Take a yardstick and mark (lightly with a pencil) an X on the CANVAS from corner to corner just like the photo below.  Then draw a line vertically through middle from top to bottom. Draw a line through the middle from side to side.  HALFWAY between middle line and bottom, draw another line side to side. Repeat on top half.  Where these lines intersect on the X, draw vertical lines. At this point, you should have 16 boxes on your canvas.  ( See photo below ) You number these also.  Now, you are ready to transfer each box of your photo or drawing onto the corresponding number on the canvas! NOTE: it is NOT necessary to transfer details!  Just the outline will be sufficient.  Retain the drawing to refer to for the details!  All you are doing here is making sure everything is WHERE it should be on the canvas.

     I hope this helps you.  It is MUCH easier than trying to work with grid paper and trying to count out where each one goes!  I know,  I've done it before!

     By the way, I just sold another large painting.  This one happens to be my favorite!  It is a seascape of Hawaii with the beautiful turquoise water and the volcanos in the background.  I have a photo below.
Thanks so much and enjoy!

36 x 48
Acrylic on canvas - Gallery wrap


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