Well, I haven't mentioned it before, but I have been having trouble with my left foot for about 2 years.  It started out with ankle pain which drove me to the podiatrist for treatment.  I was told I had plantar fasciitis and given orthotics.  It improved a little, but never really went away.  A year ago, it started getting much worse and I noticed that my foot started rolling inward.  I went to an orthopedic doctor.  He put me in a boot.  Long story short, after a year of physical therapy and steroid shots with no pain relief,  the doctor did more tests and realized that my tendons were gone, which required surgery.

     I had surgery in April in which they basically had to rebuild my foot. They cut the heel bone in half, repositioned it and nailed it back together, stretched my achilles tendon like a rubber band and pulled it up thru and around the ankle, plus something else, I don't know what, but I have been stuck in a recliner with my foot elevated 24/7 for a month!  I also have a huge boot that keeps my foot in the flexed position and must wear it 24/7 as well.  Ugh! I also have a knee scooter for any getting around which I will have to use for 3 months. The good news is I am out of pain (until physical therapy starts in a couple more months!) and it will be a year before I walk normally, but I WILL walk normally again they say!  Yay!

     Before I went under the knife, I went to each of my galleries and provided extra paintings in case something sold before I could get back on my feet.  I'm so glad I did that because several paintings have sold this last month!  Ten to be exact!  I sell smaller paintings at a local gallery/gift shop here in St. Augustine.  They range in price from $15 to $250 and are consistent sellers, my "bread-and-butter" paintings if you will.  However,  five were more expensive paintings!  These sold at the larger galleries and I am so happy!   Two were my newer "Oceans on Glass" series, one large "Ocean Meditations" series, and two traditional landscapes!  I am walking on air!  A good thing, as I cannot walk otherwise right now, LOL!

      During my recuperation, I have been doing a LOT of reading to stay occupied.  In doing so, I have discovered some painting techniques that I want to incorporate into my regimen and teach in my art classes.  Speaking of art classes,  I am seriously considering splitting my classes into 2, a beginner and an intermediate to include more advanced techniques.  With my beginners, I tend to complete a painting per 2 hr period, teaching basic techniques.   Now, though, several of my students are repeaters and are ready to move on to more detailed work.  So an intermediate class can do paintings that may take 2-4 weeks each allowing for some gorgeous paintings to be completed.  I am getting excited just thinking about it!  I still have to talk to the technical college where I teach about the idea, but I am sure they will like it.

     Below are photos of some of the sold paintings.  Enjoy and I hope you never have to have foot surgery!

12 x 36
fluid acrylic on gw canvas
sold at Back 40 A1A Restaurant, St Augustine, FL

6 X 29 (glass)
mixed media on glass/ red cedar
sold at Countryside Acupuncture, Elkton, FL

11 x 14
acrylic on canvas
 sold at the St Augustine Art Association

11 x 14
acrylic on canvas panel
sold at Ocean Art Gallery, Ormond Beach, FL
11 x 22.5 (glass)
mixed media on glass/aged wood
sold at Justabreeze Gallery, Tybee Island, GA
(the streaks on the left side are light reflection on the glass)


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