All of us get frustrated at times with the costs involved in obtaining our frames and canvases.  But we need them or we can't produce art.  So how do we save money?  There are several ways to do so.

     I am sometimes able to buy frames that are on clearance due to nicks and dings and repair them. I get them at Hobby Lobby for the most part and it saves me a lot of money, but I carefully check them over to make sure the dings are easy to repair. They also can have custom frames on clearance, but be careful there. They can be beautiful and a good price, but it's best to measure them to make sure they aren't a custom size.  If they are, then you have to custom stretch a canvas to match and that can get expensive! I have done it a couple of times when the frame was really worth it, but usually I walk away.  Hobby Lobby also offers what they call "open frames" on 50% off sales every couple of weeks.  I buy those a lot.  I have even bought their photo frames when they are 50% off, but I always check them first.  Some of those can accept canvas and some can't.  The employees can help you there, but generally, if they have a mat, then they cannot accommodate a canvas.

     For my "Ocean Meditations" paintings, I buy a specific frame that is found in Michaels.  They are expensive unless they're on sale, so I watch for sales!  They have been known to have them for 70% off and I stock up when they do, believe me.

     There are also discount supply houses who sell frames and some of them are good, but I have never used them.  I know artists who do though.  You can find frames at thrift stores, yard sales, and flea markets, but be sure they are in good condition and again are a size you can use. I once found a beautiful antique frame for $35 at the flea market.  It had an oil painting in it that I was going to take out.  But it turned out that the painting was a valuable antique, so I instead I sold the whole thing for a tidy profit!  That has happened a couple of times, so check out those paintings carefully!

     Getting back to Hobby Lobby, I will buy canvases that match the size of the frames I have picked up and go from there.  BTW, if you subscribe to Michael's Craft store, they often have canvases on sale for 70% off.  I have tried multiple times to subscribe to Hobby Lobby too, but it never seems to work for some reason.  So I just check their website before I go shopping.

     I also buy canvases from Dick Blick Art Supply on occasion.  They can have good sales on bulk purchases that I take advantage of from time-to-time.  Their prices on paints are very good on sale too.  They offer a wider range of colors than Hobby Lobby or Michaels.  I wish they had a store here, but the closest stores to me are in Savannah, Ga and Tampa, FL so I have to order online and pay shipping.  When we go that way, I make a point to stop in!

     On another note,  three more of my "Ocean Meditations" paintings sold at the gallery in Ormond Beach.  I was happy to hear about it and they are setting up some "Paint Pouring" workshops too.
I have photos of the paintings that sold below, and I look forward to seeing you again!  ( sorry, the middle picture got cut off slightly and I don't have another one this is a good reason to take several photos, right? )

     BTW,  I am going to be at the OLD TOWN ART SHOW on the weekend of APRIL 13th and 14th.  It is held in ST AUGUSTINE, Fl.  If you live anywhere close, please stop by to say Hello! I'd love to meet you and talk and I will have my tent stocked for your enjoyment. You can even take a piece for your own home. See you there!

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