I have now done three workshops, each one a different size.  One with 10 people, one with 4, and a third with over 30!  The workshops at the art gallery are smaller as they don't have a large space for classes.  At most they can hold 8 - 10 people, but that would be very tight.

     My first one was in January and there were 10 people.  I posted on this workshop already.  The second was in February at Ocean Art Gallery and had 4 people.  We had a lot of fun and the ladies created nice work!  I have a few photos below.


            One thing I love is how things just appear in the painting!  See the fish?  Love it!

This was a more controlled painting.  Two of the ladies wanted to paint specific scenes, in this case an ocean scene.  Not bad for a first attempt wouldn't you say?

     The next workshop was for friends.  This one was much larger and was held in the home of a friend who asked me if I would do a workshop for her.  When I do these I do not charge a fee.  Instead, I set up a box for friends to contribute as they can to cover my expenses.  It has always worked out for me when I do this, my expenses are covered and my friends have a good time!  You should consider doing something like this for your friends.  It helps you give back and also advertises your work at the same time!  You just never know how it may turn out, often it expands your opportunities!  A few photos of this workshop are below for you to see, these are some of the paintings created by the 20 students.

This was a group of very talented people for sure!  Some were really beautiful, so hard to believe this was their first time doing pour painting!

     Now, I am scheduled to do another workshop in Savannah, GA! The owner of little coffee shop/gallery where my art now hangs asked me about doing one.  She had been approached by other groups interested in using her shop for events but she had never done it.  A pour workshop really interests her however. We talked about the logistics for a while and she finally decided that she would like to do it.  I am going to send her all the information, photos and a flyer for advertising.  I would need 10-15 people to make it worth my while, but she said that should be easy.

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