The gentleman with the St Johns County Schools who was in charge of the Community Education program has retired.  The program will now be run by the Florida Community Technical College (FCTC)  that's here in St. Augustine.  They are calling it the Community Enrichment program and it will be expanded to offer more classes.  NICE!

     FCTC held a meeting to go over all the plans with the teachers and to find rooms that match the needs of each.  They showed me a room that I really like.  It has water and room for plenty of students.  That is great for me because each student needs an entire table for their supplies.  Even better, there's also a large screen and a projector that can be used to show my canvas work up high and enlarged so everyone can easily see what I am doing.  All in all a very nice arrangement. Needless to say, I am really excited to get started in this new program!

     I also want to eventually add an extra week to the course so that I can teach color mixing.  It requires more than a week, but I will be going over the basics and then having the students practice the principles in their paintings.  They will create color wheels in class and for homework. It will teach them how to do color mixing, a very important step in learning how to create beautiful paintings. This first session will be six weeks long, however, I will discuss it with my students and faculty and possibly extend the class starting with the spring session.

     I am already working on flyers to advertise the class so that I can get them out in the neighborhood in plenty of time.  I especially love the fact that FCTC takes care of the student signups and allows me to concentrate on getting my teaching materials together and planning the curriculum.  I really enjoy teaching and my husband likes to tag along and provide entertainment for the students.  LOL!

     The classes begin on Tuesday, October 16th, 6-8:00 pm.  My class is called ACRYLIC PAINTING for BEGINNERS and INTERMEDIATES.  If you live in the area and are able to be in the class, I'd love to meet you.  We have lots of fun while creating works of art worthy of hanging in your home.  All in all, a good experience for everyone involved!  Below are a few of the paintings we have done in class. Enjoy, and thanks for following me!

"A Walk in the Rain"

"The Sentinel"

"The Rhododendron Trail"

"Impressions of a Garden"

"Hammock Time"

"Full Moon Rising"

"Royal Poinciana"

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