One of my galleries decided to move to a new town.  It took them several months to find a suitable location and then move all the artwork.  Actually there was much more work involved than I had thought possible.  Frank Gromling, the gallery owner, also took the opportunity to add several features to the new space.  He added a frame shop, an area to hold art classes, and also a nice viewing room for the possible clients to see the artwork in a quiet and private setting.

     Of course, the new showroom is outstanding and he had room to add more artists as well.  His vision was wonderful and the final result is beautiful.  There was an open house on the evening of August 24th and the turnout was remarkable!  It was so crowded that it was hard to move around, and that's a good thing.  I managed to get a few photos for you to see, but I must go back to get nice photos of the area when not crowded for you to see the gallery at it's best.  There was a musician, lots of good food and wine, and lemonade for the younger set.  A good time was had by all and yes there were sales too!

     The gallery was moved from Flagler Beach, FL to the next town further south, Ormond Beach, FL.  Ormond Beach is just north of Daytona Beach, FL.  There is a large population of retirees and art enthusiasts living in the area and it is a popular tourist location as well.  It is a very pretty little town with lots of things to do, and some great restaurants too! The gallery is just off the ocean as before, but now it's in a really nice shopping center with lots of parking available for events, etc.  Being in this area means that there will be traffic coming in from people shopping at the other stores, tourists browsing after eating at the restaurants in the center, and more.  I feel that the gallery will benefit from the location and the area will benefit from the gallery's presence, a definite win-win situation.  A very good move indeed!

     I have the photos below for you to see and I hope you take the opportunity to stop in for a visit should you ever come to this area.  It is worth your while, believe me!  Enjoy, and thanks for looking!

                                        This gentleman is standing in front of my artwork.

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