One of the blogs I follow recently posted  "31 people who can help sell your art".  I read through the blog and it certainly gave me ideas.  Some I will try, others not.  For instance, I do not believe in mixing religion and commercialism. I find it offensive. You may not agree, and that is your choice.  That said, her other suggestions I agreed with.  Her name is Alyson Stanfield. To get her complete list you can go to her blog

     Some of the people I that she suggested were obvious upon reflection, and others more obscure.
But the bottom line is if you want to become known as an artist, then you need connections. Obviously, more is better; business associates, friends and family, people you meet at social events, sales associates you meet in stores and restaurants, real estate professionals, fellow artists, etc, etc, etc. You never know who can connect you to the "right" people.  Often it turns out to be the person you would never have considered to be the most connected.  I have said before, and I'll say it again, give your business card to anyone and everyone! Your business card is your entrance, make it a good one.  That doesn't mean expensive, but one that gets the right information into the right hands.  On that card you want your NAME and WEBSITE, contact info: phone & email, preferably some of your artwork, and any series names you may promote or are known for. Whether you add your address is up to you. I don't because I work out of my home, but you may have a business location that you would of course add.  Below, I have a photo of my card (although I am about to change the artwork) but the basic information will remain the same.  And I have "Scenes of St Augustine" on the card. Thankfully I am almost out of cards so none will be wasted. It's hard to believe that I have gone through almost a 1,000 cards already, but they go fast when we keep them handy and USE them! Lol!

     Another thing Alyson has suggested in the past is to use the same colors for promotion so that everything we use is consistent. Cards, letterheads, etc. all should have the same logo, colors, etc. so that your "brand" or logo is easily recognizable. I don't have letterheads, but others I know do.  I do promote my series names however.  I think she is right, we need to be recognizable.

     Alyson suggested that we should approach interior decorators and real estate professionals.  I heartily agree with that.  They often use artist's work to "stage" homes for sale. To get on their list could lead to big sales because people often buy the furniture and artwork that is making the home so desirable and so beautiful! Especially when they buyers are from out-of-town, or it will be a second home for them. These professionals become very loyal to someone that brings them more income! HGTV had a show on for a while that showed these decorators at work staging homes. Perhaps you saw it, It was amazing how much more the homes sold for and how many buyers purchased the home with all the furniture and the artwork intact! Whether you approach them by email or in person, be sure you have your portfolio polished and ready to go. In the show, the artwork was rented by galleries, but if they choose to go with you, you need to have an arrangement in mind that would be acceptable to you, and even possibly a contract available. Rental, commission, etc. If not, have one in mind or an idea of how you want it to work, and BE FLEXIBLE!  They have had more experience at this than we have, right?

     Also, knowing interior decorators can lead to direct sales and, yes, they get a commission for selling your art to a client so be prepared to add that to your price.  They can choose your artwork for their clients homes so we want to become their good friend! Be sure they have your portfolio, with samples of your artwork, or at the very least a letter of introduction, your card, and your website.

     This is not my artwork on the card.  That is why I am changing it. My "business" was newer and I didn't want the expense of adding my own to the card, so I chose a "stock" photo.  Now I am ready to use my own artwork.  I will upload one of my paintings, then I will have to decide if it will be on the side like this one or if it will cover the entire card as a background.  When I have all this done, I will post it for you to see.  You can order simple cards online through VISTAPRINT at a reasonable rate, or you can pay more and get them really embellished.  You can also go to a local print shop, but be prepared to pay considerably more.

This is my new business card!  I have my own artwork on the front and I think it is more professional looking!
     While I was ordering these cards, they offered me postcards of this painting at a greatly reduced cost, so I decided to take advantage of the offer and ordered those as well.  They will be given out along with my business cards and make a nice little gift as well.  I wrote my website neatly on the back of each one as they are blank other than the photo.  See below:

                   In the center of the back of these postcards, I have written

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