I was beginning to feel somewhat stale with my artwork and a lot of people were doing the same work as mine, so I have been looking for something new to try.  I started watching YouTube looking for ideas and Voila' there it was!  It is called "Poured Acrylics" and I am in love!

     Now poured acrylics are not really new, but I wanted to do my own interpretation on this theme.  You see, I live near the ocean, and ocean themed art is very popular here.  That being said, there is a lot of ocean art on the market.  So I needed to somehow make mine fresh and new.  I put my thinking cap on and watched a lot of YouTube to learn the technique while I was busy accumulating the necessary supplies to execute my idea. Finally I had everything needed and then got busy practicing pouring acrylics.  It was NOT as easy as it looks!  It took me almost a week of experimentation and watching MORE youTube to finally get it down, but when it all came together I got very excited!

     Today, I did seven paintings.  Three were 8 x 10, and four more were 5 x 7.  When you pour acrylics, you have a lot of leftover paint.  It runs off the canvas sides and also there is usually paint left in your cup.  I scooped up the leftovers to do the four 5 x 7's.  Strike while the iron is hot, right?

     I am excited enough now, that I actually sat down and looked up "emotion" words that will be used to name the paintings in this series.  I must have written down 30 - 40 words that I liked and that I thought would fit and be good descriptions for the "Ocean Meditations" theme. (update) These names are being used up rapidly now as I go bigger and faster!  Can you tell I am REALLY excited about this?? LOL!!

      As I said, I live near the ocean.  I am fascinated by the beauty and moods of the ocean and that is why I decided to focus on this subject.  Capturing these moods in the glorious colors of the caribbean is becoming a passion that I can get lost in. Each one I produce is studied and then named according to the mood it shows, and so far they seem endless!  It is amazing how just a small movement or turn of the spatula can change the entire "mood" of the painting.

     Now, these are just the beginning of my skill in this area of art, and I have a ways to go before I get to where I want to be, but I am very proud of these and I can see my goal coming into focus.  I have pictures of several pieces below for you to see and please be kind.  I am very new at this and I feel like a young art student again.  But, I am a really looking forward to creating some art that is good enough to be shown and sold! In the meantime, enjoy the photos and thanks for looking!

     UPDATE!  I have now finished enough to frame and will be taking several to my local display locations. Interestingly, on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM,  I have picked up at quite a few new followers since I have been posting pictures of this series.  It is becoming obvious to me that the ocean is a REALLY popular topic and that makes me VERY HAPPY!

10 X 10

10 x 8

10 X 8

10 x 8

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