As I said in the last post, my "PHYCHEDELIC PALMS" are proving to be popular!  So I am up to my neck painting more.  I don't want to make them all alike so I am having to come up with different colors for the backgrounds and then different subjects in the paintings.  I am having a lot of fun doing this and hope that all will be as popular as the original ones.

     At the moment I have eight canvases painted with background colors and they are laying all over the place to thoroughly dry before I start my trees.  The original set was shipped to Kansas, so I have no problem doing more that are similar to show here in St. Augustine.  I can't wait to get them done. I will frame them in simple white frames and display them as they would hang in someone's home. I will put different prices on them as well,  as individuals, and as a set of 6. I am also doing 2 canvases that are 12 x 24 gallery wrap.  I am dividing each one into 3 background colors, and then the same subject in each color.  One canvas is warm colors, the other cool.  They will also be priced as individuals or as a set.  There are so many things that can be done with this that my head is spinning!  When I get them done I will post some photos, but for now all I have are solid color canvas, not much to look at.  On top of that, I will be very busy for the next week on another project, so these will have to wait a few days to finish.  But I am very excited, so they will be finished as soon as I am able, for sure!

     On another note, we finished one painting in my art class and will start another one next Tuesday.  We did a seascape which everyone loved, and now will do a cottage so the students can learn perspective. It is an important lesson for any artist to learn, so I will do a post on it very soon.  We did not have a class on July 4th so we only have two more classes in this session.  I wanted to do more paintings but it now looks like we will only be able to finish the cottage.  I will demonstrate the flowers if we have time though.  It is a good lesson in impressionism and staying loose.  And they are very pretty!  Not a still life, it is an impressionistic garden.  I will post photos of all three for you to see below.

16 x 20
Acrylic on canvas

8 X 10
Acrylic on canvas board
Tribute to Isle of Skye, Ireland


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