I said I was finished, but I decided to do some more highlighting on my horse painting.  In the process I decided that the rock between the horses was distracting so I removed it completely.  Then I didn't like the light blue grass on the bottom right.  So...I turned it into more rock and just added flowers creeping in and around the rock.  I like it MUCH better now!  And I am declaring it officially finished.  FINALLY!  The picture is below.

     I received a phone call this morning from the St. Johns County Community Education.  They asked if I still wanted to teach Acrylics and said they had a slot for the summer.  SO...as of June 13, 2017 I will be teaching a class called Beginner / Intermediate Acrylics.  It is a 6 week course and we hope to draw at least 10 - 20 students!  I am very excited to make this announcement.  It will be nice to work with a large class.  I usually only work one-on-one or small groups because I don't have much room.  I think this will be so much fun AND I have already recruited my first student!  I posted a notice on Instagram and Facebook and within an hour she signed up.  Social media CAN be a great thing if used correctly! I have also gotten commissions through them.

     I am now working on the second painting for the Nature and Wildlife show and moving right along.  The frames are buffed and ready to go and waiting for the canvas.  I have to get the really good photos yet but that is coming soon!  So, one more time, here is the FINAL showing of my horses.

(with precious cargo)
24 x 36

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