Well, we had the JACKSONVILLE BEACH ART WALK yesterday.  It was cold and windy and therefore not very many visitors or vendors.  Oh, well, it happens.  Not every month can go as well as last month.  I cannot be there in April as it falls on a very important day for me.  But I will be back on track for the May 9th Art Walk.  Looking forward to it. Oh and if you can see them in this picture, my son-in-law built some display racks for me.  They look like wood ladders and they fold down to fit easily into my car.  I put small hangers in strategic locations so I can hang large and small paintings on them. I couldn't use them here as the wind was too strong.  But, I think they will work nicely so that I can show more paintings than before.  Another nice thing is I have four friends who go there now too!  We are in separate locations.  I wish we could be side-by-side as their work is different from mine.  Their jewelry, photography, and crafts would be a nice compliment to my paintings. I don't like being next to another artist, they are usually students and thus very cheap prices.

      My husband and I were invited to a private opening of the new BACK 40 A1A restaurant (where my paintings hang) in St. Augustine on Monday evening.  It is located at 6101 A1A South for any of you who live in this area.  They have the same menu as their other restaurant THE BACK 40 URBAN CAFE but they are pretty much the only restaurant on the island with fresh, not fried, food.  That alone will make them very popular.  One can only eat so much fried food without getting really desperate for some "real" food!  It was very good as usual and they were packed even though they weren't officially open yet!  Today is their official opening day.  They were telling everyone that I was one of the artists whose paintings decorated their establishment and I was getting compliments, that was nice!

     I decided that I would love to do live video teaching lessons but my video camera was stolen in Venice, Italy when our daughter and her  husband went there on a trip.  And that was a GOOD one too.  That's probably why it was stolen!  We tease our son-in-law.  It was cut off his arm on a water taxi and he is from New York where they are supposedly more attentive! Ha Ha.  Maybe one day soon I can get another one.  I don't think they are as expensive as they used to be.

     I have a few more paintings to show you.  The photos are below.  Enjoy and Thanks for looking!

11 x 14

16 X 20

     This next one is a reworked painting.  "FLORIDA SEASHELLS" had a dark green background with fir branches.  The background darkened so much that it was almost black. (acrylics are prone to that. Since I had done so many seascapes recently  I decided to change the background to a beach scene and then I added another shell.  I like it much more now and you don't even recognize it as the same painting!  I have both pictures below.  See what you think!

11 X 14
reworked from" FLORIDA SEASHELLS"

The original painting before the background darkened so much



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