After years of learning and painting, I have decided to start my own school of art.  A lot of artists have done this I know, but my goal is to help those unable to afford the high cost of university or private schools. The school is patterned after the classic Atelier art schools. 

    I will be using similar curriculum, it will be a comprehensive program, and it will be at a very reasonable price.

    I have been teaching for about six years. I worked at a technical college until the pandemic came, then I retired and started teaching online.  I have students who range in age from young to older, were unable to afford the higher cost schools, or couldn't make it work for other reasons, but their desire remained strong. These are the people that I try to help and they are so grateful to finally learn the necessary technical aspects of art. 

    We will begin with a foundational segment on drawing. Using the methods of both leading art professor Betty Edwards and artist Charles Bargue (1826-1883) students will learn to "see" a subject and accurately render it on a surface.  Next, they'll study the vital system of values (primary and secondary) and value relationships. Also, why and when to create a Notan (small tonal study) or a larger, more detailed value study.  Then students will create paintings in monochrome applying these principles to  see how correct values create a beautiful composition.

    From there, students will do a segment on color (hue, tint, shade, saturation, luminosity, intensity, and how colors relate to one another. Based on the curriculum found in the book on "Color" by Betty Edwards and from Richard Schmid's "Alla Prima II,"  they will create color charts, learn the properties and relationships of colors, how to replicate any color, and the value of using a "limited palette." 

     Students will then be ready to move into painting in color. We will study the methods of modern American masters such as Richard Schmid, John Pototschnik, Kevin MacPherson, Clyde Aspevig, Johanne Mangi, and E. John Robinson, as well as New Zealand artists Richard Robinson and Andrew Tischler.  As they apply the foundations of drawing, composition, values, and color harmony, students will be delighted in how much their work has improved. We will focus on painting in non-toxic oils, but I will encourage my students to explore other mediums as well.   

    We will also study "en plein air" painting, or painting outdoors  vs working from photographs learning from artists such as Rick Howell, John MacDonald, and Clyde Aspevig.  Also Erik Koeppel, who applies the methods of the Hudson River School of artists.

    I look forward to seeing the progress of each student as they blossom and build confidence in their ability to create beautiful works of art. Throughout this course the students will also enjoy art history and see how the masters created their beautiful artwork, or their painful struggle to learn.

    If you are interested in joining this school, please contact me for more information. I am sure you will be pleased with your progress and what you will be able to accomplish as one of our students!

    The school goes live on Friday, March 3rd, at 6:30 pm eastern time.       

                            "SHALL WE DANCE?"
             Portrait of Charlie, Beaux, and Lillianna

                                       30 x 40

                                     oil on linen    





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