Have I told you before that an average of only 1 in 10 paintings turn out to be gallery worthy? Well, I needed a large painting for one of the restaurants where I show my work.  You see, another area had opened up so I could have 3 spaces (different rooms, same restaurant) This new space is the first wall seen as you walk in, so I wanted something dramatic to hang there, something that would really catch your eye and even stop you in your tracks. But what to paint?  

    We live by the ocean so the logical topic is an ocean scene. So, I looked through my reference photos and voila' there it was! The perfect scene to paint was a dramatic sunrise with bold colors and the sun reflecting on mirror smooth water.  I had the perfect size canvas so it went quickly and turned out beautifully!

     The best part is while I was finishing it, my husband was on a zoom meeting behind me.  The person on the meeting with him saw my painting and was so impressed he commissioned me to do a painting!  What more can you ask?

    I am very proud of this painting and hope more turn out like it did, but I have to remember that that doesn't always happen.  Hey, one can only hope!  Enjoy the photo below, and have a good day!

                                                           " REFLECTION OF GLORY"

                                                                            24 X 48


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