This is not new, but it is new!  Let me explain.  I had started a series of paintings called "OCEANS ON GLASS".  They consist of poured seascapes on glass and hung on red cedar planks.  They are selling. but not as well as I'd like.  So I put on my thinking cap and came up with another idea.  I really like the idea of painting on glass.  It is just too pretty to give up!  So I got the idea to paint smaller pieces and instead of hanging them on planks of cedar, I am making stands of cedar so they can sit on tables or shelves.  I had several larger pieces of glass on hand, so I took some of them over to my glass cutter and had them cut down to smaller pieces.  I now have glass paintings that range in size from 6 x 6 up to 8 x 11.  As I said, they will sit upright in cedar stands that I am making.  I got the idea while traveling.  We stopped into an art gallery and I noticed that an artist had pressed flowers between glass and displayed them in stands. They were so beautiful and I thought, I can display small glass paintings in similar stands! Voila!

     When I pour paint I do several at a time because it takes a lot of time to mix up the paint.  I have 2 six foot tables on my back porch and both are covered with paintings when I finish a painting session.  Depending on the size, that can mean 30 + paintings are drying at one tine.  Some people have shelves for this purpose and I may just do that too.  It would certainly take up less space.

     But getting back to the subject, I was pouring my waves and seascapes on glass, and I had the idea of leaving some glass exposed.  I loved it!  It turned out so well that this will now be the focus on my glass paintings.  In fact, I am taking it further by pouring several layers of resin and paint to give a 3-D effect!.  It is beautiful to say the least!  I am very excited about this new venture.  It is different (something we all look for) and I think they will prove to be quite popular!  So far, I am averaging six layers of paint and resin on each one. Whew!

     I am also excited because our local art association is having a "Cutting Edge" show in January 2020.  I will definitely enter one of these pieces.  One of them is showing great promise for this show.  Yay! We can enter two pieces so I have to decide on number two.  At the very least they will get some exposure.

     While each layer of resin cures, I work on making the stands.  I had a stock of cedar planks, so I am making 1" deep stands,  routing out grooves to hold each painting.  I am staying quite busy doing all of this but hope to have a supply ready soon.  In the meantime, I have a couple photos below for you to see.  I hope you like and enjoy them!

     UPDATE:  I went to a local shell shop looking for some supplies for another project.  While there I happened upon some clear acrylic stands that I felt were PERFECT for these pieces of glass!  I bought one each of two sizes to try out.  Just as I suspected, they looked beautiful, fit nicely, were very sturdy, allowed the glass painting to take center stage, and are VERY reasonably priced!  What more can one ask?  Well, I checked them out on Amazon but they were much more expensive, so I called the shop and talked to the manager.  Turns out he is a distributor for these stands and said he would give me a great discount for multiples of them.  Wow!  Why make stands when I can buy nice ones cheap!  I am in love!  Now, I am free to create more paintings without the worry of building stands!

     Below I have a few photos of these paintings in the acrylic stands.  They are NOT easy to photograph due to light glare, but I asked my photographer friend for help and she gave me some suggestions on how to do it.  They are truly unique and beautiful, at least I think so.  What do you think?


     It took a month to do these paintings!  There are at least 8 x 10 layers of paint, resin, and mica in each one.  It is a very tedious process to say the least!  Each layer must cure for a few days, then they are sanded and cleaned before the next layer can be applied.  If you are familiar with resin, then you also know that each application must have tape on the back, and the wet resin is torched for about an hour to remove all bubbles!  It tires me out just thinking about it!

     Well, after thinking about it and having to rest for a week when these were all finished, these are all beautiful, but not profitable... for me at least.  So I will not continue to make them.  So I call them limited editions!  LOL!! 

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