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     It seems that everywhere I look and everyone I speak to these days likes only abstract art!    Apparently the millennials, having grown up in a gaming world, seem to like abstracts, especially those with lots of graphics.  But, don't despair, if you are a traditionalist, like me, there is still hope!

     I could not help but notice that as my husband and I traveled the Blue Ridge Parkway last summer, there were plenty of millennials oohing and aahing over the mountain scenery.  In fact I don't know of anyone who isn't moved by a gorgeous sunrise or sunset whether it is a seascape or mountain scene.  They may literally stop in their tracks and stand quietly to absorb the beauty before them.  And then they will start taking pictures!  Here in St Augustine, we try to walk on the beach early in the morning.  The beauty of the sunrise, the cool temps, the birds and fishermen, all combine for a wonderful experience.  And yes, I take lots of photos.  I use them for reference and for the beauty.  We often see groups sitting on the sand waiting to welcome the sun.  Usually they are tourists and they are awe struck by the sight, as they should be. Try as it might, man made beauty cannot hold a candle to nature.

     We love to see if we can capture that beauty with paints and brushes (or with a camera). We keep at it hoping that one day we will create a true masterpiece.  That's all any of us can do, even the masters kept at it with the same goals in mind. So whether you are a traditionalist or an abstract artist, take heart, your time comes around sooner or later and you want to be ready when it does.  You can only do that if you keep painting!

      On that note, I recently added to my painting of a cabin named "THREE CHIMNEYS".  It hadn't received much response ( I post them on social media) and that told me it needed work.  So I went back and added foreground trees, etc to make the eye more around the canvas more.  Lo and behold, within a few minutes of posting the updated version, I got a message that someone wanted to buy it!  That's more like it!

11 x 14
low resolution


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