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     I had been painting the nostalgia series to take to Kentucky for the Art Show, but these paintings have been so popular, I needed to paint some more! I'm so glad I had them photographed for prints!  This time I painted another "Rock City" sign on the barn and a shaded dirt road leading into it, but that is all the paintings have in common.  This barn is not painted, just weathered gray wood with the sign on the roof instead of on the side, and I added sheep grazing in the front of the barn. I made it a fall scene with some pretty trees in the background and behind the barn.  Overall, it is a peaceful little farm scene that is very nostalgic.  I only have four photos of this one but then it is a simple painting.

As you can see, The background trees are in, the grass is blocked in, and the barn and big tree behind it are both started.  I will probably add a few clouds in the sky and it will be a sunny day with the light source coming from the right.  I want the shadow on the left side to move your eye toward the barn.

Sorry, I had done quite a bit of work before I remembered to stop and take a picture, but you can see that I darkened the roof color and painted in the sign.  I added color to the big tree behind the barn and added a smaller one beside it.  I had fun painting the two small doors on the top story of the barn and if you close in you can see some hay bales in the window.  I added fencing along the tree line and by the barn. That fence directs the eye to the barn as well as the line of the mountain.  This is known as a "radiating line" composition.

     It was fun painting these sheep!  I kept them simple by just painting shapes and grouping several together so it wasn't necessary to paint all of each animal.  These are black-faced sheep with black legs. I'm not sure of the breed, but I was sure to add a black one! And I wanted some in sunlight and some in shade, one of them is half shaded and half sunlight.  For fun, I put one looking into the barn.

     When I uploaded this photo I realized that I have too many sunspots in the tree and they are too consistent.  That is a common problem for me.  So I will have to go back and take some out for sure! It is pretty obvious that the road leads the eye into the barn.  The leaves on the foreground tree and the shadows also point to the barn, all fitting in with the radiating line composition.  I love the light and shadow pattern in the grass!  I need to do some more refining including the clouds, but it is nearing completion.  I forgot to mention the farm gate and fence posts leaning against the barn.  Any small details such as this can really personalize a painting.  I actually thought about putting a man on a ladder painting the sign, but I finally rejected that idea. If it had been on the side instead of the roof I might have done it, but the roof was just too high for it to look feasible.  But, I might put it in another painting!  I have some ideas for more of these, but not all will be barns.  Stay tuned!

I said I was finished but my husband pointed out that I didn't have my usual detail in the tin roof.  And he said the barn was too bland!  Everyone's an art critic, right?  Well when I thought about what he said, I realized he was right.  So I worked on it some more!

  I have the final painting below.  See if you can tell what changes I have made (there are at least 7) and I hope you enjoy the sheep painting as much as I did!

Yep, he was right!  Adding the correct detail to the roof made a big difference. I even added a few more details in the upper doors, darkened the barn shadow and fence, then brought up the colors in the two trees behind the barn and finally added flowers to the fence.  Then I went crazy and added more sheep in the shade, but it was so much fun!  See you next week!

11 x 14
low resolution
prints available!

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