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     I am going to teach some classes at Michael's Craft Store.  They have put out advertisements asking for teachers to come and use their classroom. You set your own prices and you keep the majority of the money.  They advertise the classes on their website and you advertise as much as you want using their provided materials.  Not a bad setup really.  Michaels keeps a percentage but provides the room and some advertising and students bring their own supplies.

     So far I have taught one class.  I had just a few students, but in my experience, word of mouth is your best advertising and that word spreads quickly.  The jury is still out, but it might prove to be a great forum for me.That has been true with my teaching through the community enrichment program.  I started out with 7 students in my first class and the last one I taught before foot surgery had 19 students!

     Unlike the community enrichment class which runs 6 weeks at 2 hours per week, each class at Michael's is set by the teacher from 1 to 4 hours and is a stand alone class. That means I teach one class only. I can repeat it or go on to do another and each one teaches an individual painting.  I have photos below of the paintings the students did and my instructional painting.

low resolution photo

This is the painting I used for the class.  I took it along and set it up on an easel so the students could refer to it and to my painting that I did along with them.  I teach in a step-by-step method which allows the students to see what I am doing and follow along. I watch and offer assistance with each step. The two students were a gentleman and a lady, both older and less experienced at painting.
They each did a great job in my opinion!  Each is a completely different style but still very good!

This painting was done by the gentleman.  He has a painterly look to his, a peaceful, happy painting.

This was done by the lady student.  Her's is stormy, yet peaceful!  This is my favorite, but I don't tell the students that.  I really like this one, and she's not even sure if she wants to paint!  (Update: this lady emailed me and said she is going to frame the painting! She also asked what to use as a varnish.  I am so happy she is going to display this piece, it is beautiful!)

     I have another one scheduled  in late September using a different painting. If it goes well I may continue, if not, we'll see.  I may also try teaching a class or two in Jacksonville, FL.  It is a huge city just north of us.  They have several Michaels stores, two of which are fairly convenient to me.

     I am finally back to teaching at our local technical college after my foot surgery even though I am not back to normal walking yet, that will take another six months.  But, the good news is that the school is setting up a TV monitor for me so I can sit down to teach! I am excited about having it because it is hard for everyone to see my canvas as I paint, now I will feel like a professional TV teacher, LOL!  My husband is setting up an Apple TV unit and the camera, and with the school's TV, we are good to go!  I am so happy because I have been asking for it for a while.  This will allow me to have larger classes and still be able to give everyone the attention they deserve.

     Also, this year we have added an additional class for Intermediate students.  Several people have taken my Beginners class more than once.  They have advanced to the point where they need more, yet others are still new so the obvious answer was to separate the two classes.  Now the Intermediate students can do more difficult paintings that require more time, detail, and a higher skill level.  We won't be able to do as many paintings, but that's ok.  Each one will be slightly larger, yet more technically advanced.  I love seeing students grow in their ability and show pride in their work!

     School started on September 17th.  I have a few photos of what the Intermediates will paint below.  I did something different this year.  I asked the students if they had any photos of scenes they would like to paint and they quickly gave me three!  One asked for seascapes with breakers, one for St Augustine scenes, and one a carnivale dancer.  I asked them to make enough photocopies for everyone in class and I am providing the ones I have.  For the St Augustine scene, I have nice photos of a garden in a local restaurant.  It has flowers, travelers palms, beautiful white wrought iron benches, and lots of sun and shadow spots.

    This will teach them how to do moving water, with rocks underneath, detailed trees, and realism.

      This one will teach the students snow, frozen water, and overall impressionist painting

  This is the garden I spoke of.  Isn't it gorgeous!  This satisfies both the flower lovers and the 
St Augustine scene lovers. For those of you who know St Augustine, this is the garden in Columbia's Restaurant at the corner of St George St. and Hypolita St.

 This is one of my paintings they will do.  The rocks, the waves, the sun, and birds all create a nice scene and teach a lot!  This is Vilano Beach in St Augustine, FL

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