I knew this class would be popular and I knew it would be a lot of work. But I felt it would be worth it to see the joy and satisfaction of the students who took the class.  There is a lot to learn about this form of art, especially if you are to pour successfully.

     I sat down and made up two packages of instructions for the class.  First was the list of supplies that are needed for pouring.  Second is a set of instructions: including paint mixing directions, pouring steps, "stretching" directions and torching instructions, as well as drying time, etc.  It also includes do's and don'ts to be considered as well as suggested varnishes, etc.  The instructions ended up being five pages long, front and back!  As I said, this was a lot of time and effort, but it is worth my time to give the students the information they need.  This way they can enjoy the class and won't have to spend all their time taking notes.  Just before class, I added a sheet with 3 pour recipes for them to use for practice.

     I enlisted friends and family to help set up all the necessary tools for each student because I only had half an hour to set up per the facility rules, but we got it done on time.  The first thing I did was to go over all the tools each one had and how they were used.  Then we went over the paperwork that each one had. (You know, those 10 pages) In that discussion, I went over several different pouring techniques and styles.  After all that, I demonstrated a pour for everyone, explaining each step as I went along. ( I demonstrated two pours on different types of canvas during this workshop )

     Next, they were ready to give it a try!  I had the students choose their colors and pour them into the 3 oz cups of pouring medium. After everyone got back to their places, I talked them through the process of mixing, pouring, torching and tilting, and answered their questions as I walked around checking everyone's work.  Then we discussed each painting, and they did a second pour in a different style.  I made suggestions and gave encouragement as needed, and in the end everyone had a great time and we made a big mess!  But it's all in the fun, right?  All went home with two paintings each and the determination to continue practicing their new skill.  And happily most of the paintings were really beautiful, much prettier than my demonstration paintings!

     I find it very interesting that every one of the students commented that the process is much more complicated than what YouTube shows.  "Youtube makes this look easy, as though all you have to do is just pour on some paint and tilt the canvas!"  I agreed, and told them if that's all you do, you will usually end up with mud! I felt the same way when I first started pouring, so I understood their feelings! I told them those videos are edited to make them more interesting which often deletes important information.  And, that's why they need to go to workshops to learn the proper methods!

     I too learned from this workshop and I will employ some of my new ideas in the future. If you do "paint pouring" and want to hold workshops,  I recommend that they be smaller ones so you can work with each person to help them learn the proper techniques.  I am already scheduled for another pour workshop in February, and it will be a much larger group, I've heard 30, so I'm thankful this one prepared me for it!  Hey, there is the adage, "the more the merrier!"

             Below are some photos from the workshop.  Enjoy and see you next week!

 I have received comments on social media from some of the students who attended this workshop.
All of them were happy with the class and the comments such as "you are a great teacher!", "I don't want to forget what I learned" and "fantastic teacher" made me feel really good.  After that I received an outstanding review from a husband/wife who attended, but it's too long to include. They did say they felt my workshop and teaching technique was superior to national online instructors!
                                                      Thank you, all of you!

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