I just attended my first Art Market at the St Augustine Beach amphitheater.  It wasn't quite as good as I thought it would be.  The crowd was ok considering it was very cold and windy.  The people who were there loved my "OCEAN MEDITATIONS" paintings including the lighted ones!

     We had decided that we needed a special display for the lighted paintings because the time change means it's dark.  That's good, but, we had to have lighting so everyone could see my artwork, and that meant they couldn't see the lights of my paintings!  Well, we fixed that problem with a tall display covered in black with sides and a top also covered in black. It created a little nook that featured the lighted ones as different. Not only did the black set off the colors in the paintings, but it cut down on the light coming in which allowed people to see the lighted paintings in their full glory!  I didn't have that many of them completed as they require a lot more work, but that's ok.  I get more money for them and people are loving the look!  It all started as an experiment, and now I know that it paid off.  So I will continue to make them.

     I am also making these poured paintings in larger sizes.  I have had requests for bigger paintings, and slowly I'm doing larger and larger ones.  The logistics take some work, but I've become accustomed to using that much paint now.  They are really cool to see and I love how the water looks so real!  As I said before,  I am working on and hope soon to finish a piece that's 30" x 56".  I am using special paint on this one because it's done on glass and she wants to put light behind it.  That's what started my doing the lighted paintings in the first place.

     I forgot to take photos, but I did get one of my specially built display unit for the lighted paintings.  It is black with sides and a top to block light.  This allows the paintings to show better when lit.  It is dark outside this time of year, but all the tents are also lit and that makes it harder to see the lights in the paintings.  These are not brightly lit, more like night lights, but they are beautiful.  Actually, one of the vendors from across the way saw them and came over for a closer look.  She really liked them. Everyone did!  And I sold a painting!  Enjoy the photo and see you next week!

Paintings lighted

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