I received a phone call recently from a friend.  She said she had been shown pictures of some of my "poured acrylic" paintings by another friend.  What she saw impressed her and she wanted to commission me to do a "poured" painting.  But, it was not just any poured painting!  Turns out she wants it done on a heavy 30" x 56" piece of tempered glass!  WOW!  

     Well, upon thinking about it I quoted her a price, and she delivered the glass.  Now,  I have never painted on glass before and I told her so.  "No problem" she said.  "I'm in no rush".  Good, because I must practice working with fixatives so the paint will stick to the glass, then I must come up with the proper formula so she can use lighting behind it as she wants to do.  No pressure!  

     I came up with the idea to practice on the glass I remove from the frames I purchase.  Next I found a good fixative and now I am currently experimenting with different paints that aren't too opaque nor too transparent.  It's a tall order, but so far, so good, as they say.  

     The best part is that it gave me an idea for more paintings! I am saving the best of the small pieces of glass I am using for practice.  These will be mounted so they can be night lights, and larger ones are being framed so they can also be lit.  Fun!  What I really like is that these paintings, when lit up, look very mysterious and so cool!  I would never have thought to try this if my friend hadn't called me.  

     I still don't have the paint formula to the correct opacity but I will get it right, and when I do, it's going to be so exciting!  In the meantime I have a couple photos of how different the paintings look in the day and when lit up.  Understand that these are still in the experimental stage and are not the finished product, but you can get an idea of why I am getting so excited about this idea!  

     Needless to say,  when I am finally able to finish the large commissioned piece I will take photos and post them as well.  And I will have the new owner send pictures of it after installation in her beach home where it is to hang.

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